Teen Driver Technology

May 31st, 2019 by

Parenting teenagers can be tuff and full of worry, finding a balance between protecting them and letting go to give them more independence. Teens earning their driver’s license is a big milestone. While having a more independent teen with a driver’s license may sound like a relief from all of the chauffeuring and sending them to run errands to take a little off your plate it is also difficult to hand them the keys knowing you won’t be there to protect them or monitor their driving habits.

Chevrolet helps to give parent some extra peace of mind with their teen driver technology. When activated the radio will not play until seat belts are fastened and parents can program the key to restrict the maximum speed. When they return you can view their report card of their trip to see how far they traveled, if the maximum speed alert was activated and if there were any close collision alerts. Offering an opportunity for parents to coach their young drivers even if they were not in the vehicle.

Check out our inventory of vehicles that offer parent some parental controls with Teen Driver Technology.

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