Would You Run A Marathon In Dress Shoes?

March 29th, 2019 by

Would you run a marathon in dress shoes? Heck No! Any serious runner spends a lot of time finding the right pair of running shoes for comfort and performance. The tires you choose for your vehicle are just as important. We recently held Bridgestone/Firestone tire training for our staff so they can offer you the best tire options to fit your needs and price range.

Wheelers stands behind the Bridgestone and Firestone because Bridgestone understands just how important tire performance is for consumers. They invest over 800 million dollars in research and development a year to offer a variety of options for safe quality performance. Looking for a quieter ride, better traction in water or snow, best performance for off-roading? Bridgestone engineering has developed a tire for you and Wheelers can help you find the perfect tires.

Top 10 Tire Facts For The Average Consumer

  1. The footprint of your vehicle’s tires is about the size of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The actual rubber that is gripping the road for your vehicle is barely more than the average adult’s footprints.
  2. Tires and breaks are often the first repairs beyond a vehicles warranty period.
  3. Uneven tire wear is the #1 symptom of worn suspension components. For optimal performance, it is recommended to rotate your tires with every oil change.
  4. 20% of all vehicles on the road need 2 new tires.
  5. 29 million vehicles sold in the last 10 model years did not come with a spare tire. Bridgestone DriveGuard tires allow you to drive up to 50 miles to safety in the event of a flat tire.
  6. In 2016, AAA assisted more than 450,000 members with flat tires and no spare.
  7. 4 in 5 Millennials don’t know how to change a tire.
  8. Shallow tire tread creates unsafe driving conditions. The depth of a tire’s tread affects the grip on the road and can significantly impact traction. Recommended replacement at or before tread reaches 2/32- inch depth.
  9. #1 cause of tread wear is improper tire inflation. Improper inflation causes different parts of the tread to wear away more quickly and/or irregularly.
  10. The role resistance of your tires impacts the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Not sure if your tires need to be replaced? Try the penny test. Place a penny, with Lincoln’s head upside down, into the groove between the tread ribs. If you cannot see the top of Lincoln’s head between the ribs, the tread is at least 2/32-inch deep at that location. If Abe’s whole head is visible at any groove location, you should replace that tire.

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