Multi-Point Inspection Free With Wheelers Service Visit

June 19th, 2018 by

Make sure your car is ready for the road at Wheelers GMC, where every oil change comes with a free multi-point inspection.

“You’re not just getting the oil changed, you’re getting almost a complete vehicle inspection,” said Galen Wiersig, Training Coordinator.

Technicians follow a comprehensive checklist to look at the vehicle’s tread depth and tire pressure, lights, wiper blades, air and cabin filters, brake line thickness, battery, hoses, belts, fluid lines, axle seals, antifreeze, shocks, struts, power steering, and more.

Those who normally change their oil at home or rely on express locations can easily miss problems that arise. By taking advantage of the free multi-point inspection available at Wheelers, owners are able to keep up with maintenance for health and safety of the car and its users.

“If a customer comes in with an older vehicle, it can be a big surprise,” said Wiersig. “The technicians know what to look for.”

If a technician spots a problem, the customer can decide whether or not to go ahead with the repair during the visit or wait until next time. Wheelers will then bring it up again at the next visit.

Keeping up with maintenance on one part of the vehicle affects the health of the whole.

“If your tire tread depth gets too low, your car isn’t going to stop as well as it does with a new tread,” he said. Checking brake pads and for loose tire rods also ensures that the vehicle is braking as well as it should, important especially for wet or icy weather.

Proper tire inflation keeps the vehicle balanced, improves gas mileage, and keeps the tire wearing evenly. When a rotation is needed, Wheelers will do it for free during an oil change and update the sensors.

Changing the air filter every 25,000 miles will keep air flow up for optimal engine performance, even if the filter doesn’t look dirty. As the weather gets colder, it’s important to check the filters since rodents can try making a home there.

For those who struggle to find the time to bring in their vehicles, Wheelers offers a free pick-up service. “We can pick vehicles up from work, bring them here, do the service work needed, and take them back so customers have them to go home with,” said Wiersig.

Ultimately, receiving a multi-point inspection is a convenient way to help owners keep up on the maintenance of their vehicles.

“That way, they know their vehicle is in the best shape that it can be,” said Wiersig.

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