Why Non-Commissioned Sales Teams are Beneficial to YOU

March 1st, 2023 by

noncommissioned sales staff

At Wheelers, our car sales team members are not commissioned. This means that WE pay our salespeople – not YOU. We are proud to be the area’s only non-commissioned dealership around for a variety of reasons.

Why Non-Commissioned Sales Teams are Beneficial to YOU:

  1. Focus on Customer Satisfaction: A non-commissioned salesperson is not driven by the need to make a sale in order to earn a commission. This means they can prioritize the customer’s needs and satisfaction over their own financial gain.
  2. No Pressure Tactics: Commission-based salespeople are often trained to use high-pressure tactics to close a deal. Non-commissioned salespeople are less likely to resort to these tactics because they are not incentivized to make a sale at any cost.
  3. Transparency: Non-commissioned salespeople may be more transparent about the pricing of a vehicle because they do not have to worry about negotiating the best possible deal for themselves.
  4. Long-term customer relationship: A non-commissioned salesperson can focus on building a long-term relationship with the customer, rather than simply making a quick sale. This can lead to better customer loyalty and increased referrals.

Overall, we find that a non-commissioned salesperson tends to be more customer-focused, transparent, and trustworthy than a commission-based salesperson. This is something we value at Wheeler’s Family Auto Group!

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